1 April 2016

"EU-Turkey Refugee Deal" Der Spiegel Cover for March


Turkey 'illegally returning Syrian refugees'- Amnesty International

via BBC International

Turkey has illegally forced thousands of refugees to return to Syria, a report by Amnesty International says.

Inside Syria

Syria's Assad tries to polish image with Palmyra's recapture

via CBS News

Syrian pro-governement forces gesture next to the Palmyra citadel on March 26, 2016, during a military operation to retake the ancient city from ISIS.

Kerry notes 'beneficial reduction' in Syrian violence

via Al Monitor

On March 27, the cessation of hostilities in Syria will have held for one month. Yes, there have been violations, but the agreement has held.


Smart Aid for Internally Displaced Persons of Aleppo via Karam Foundation

U.N. Urges Countries to Take in 480,000 Syrian Refugees

By Nick Cumming-Bruce via The New York Times

The United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, on Wednesday exhorted countries around the world to step up to their responsibilities and take in half a million Syrian refugees.

Saudi Arabia thanks Canada for helping Syrian refugees. But how much is it doing?

By Nick Logan via Global News

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador hosted a swanky dinner event for Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion and other government officials Thursday evening, to congratulate Canada for its effort to resettle Syrian refugees. What is the kingdom doing beyond fueling the conflict?

Conflict Analysis

Syria's Assad says military gains will speed up political deal

By Vladimir Soldatkin and Dominic Evans via Reuters

Nations along Europe’s refugee route are taking the boldest steps yet to clamp down on migrant flows, trapping thousands of asylum seekers and potentially blocking countless war-weary families from finding sanctuary in the West.

Al Qaeda has sealed its future': Syria's jihadists may be the biggest winners of Assad's 'victory' at Palmyra

By Natasha Bertrand via Business Insider

The capture of Palmyra is an invaluable opportunity for the Assad regime and Russia to now proclaim themselves as capable...what does the loss for ISIS mean for Al-Qaeda

The End of the Beginning in Syria

By Dominic Tierney via The Atlantic

The current peace talks won’t end the war, but they may mark a new phase.

"De Mistura- Bashar Al Assad" by Jehad Awrtani

Proxy Politics

"Will Kerry ask Al-Assad: Mr. President, what does your great army need?”

Opinion via Mid-East Wire

Syrian diplomat Bashar Jaafari did not exclude seeing American Diplomacy Chief John Kerry visiting to Damascus to inquire about the needs of the Syrian army.

The Latest: British Foreign Minister Scoffs at Assad's Offer

By The Associated Press via ABC News

Britain's foreign minister has scoffed at Syrian President Bashar Assad's offer for a national unity government that includes members of the opposition, calling it insufficient.

How Russian special forces are shaping the fight in Syria

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff via The Washington Post

Russian soldiers train with sniffer dogs and specialist equipment in preparation for their deployment to Syria to participate in de-mining the historic town of Palmyra which was recaptured from the Islamic State Sunday

"Russia Intervenes in Syria" by Jehad Awrtani

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