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BCARS Faculty & Network

BCARS is proud of its diverse faculty from across the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East - each of whom provide a depth of expertise on a wide range of topics relevant to the ongoing challenges of the region.


BCARS also draws from a broad network of policymakers, academics, and other subject matter experts to further complement the Consortium's understanding of the region.

The BCARS Directorship represents a distinguished group of scholars and practitioners working at the intersection of academia and policy. Led by Denis Sullivan, the Directorship determines BCARS’ policy focus and research themes in collaboration with the Executive Committee.
The BCARS Executive Committee is comprised of academics, journalists, and advisers on Arab Region issues representing the fields of security, law, economics, and Middle East politics. The Executive Committee meets annually and works in tandem with the BCARS Directorship to establish the Consortium’s research and outreach priorities.
A diverse group of academics and Arab Region professionals serve on the BCARS Scholar Advisory Board. Board members regularly contribute their valuable expertise in the fields of migration, human rights, humanitarian studies, and Arab Region geo-politics to BCARS projects.

Chestnut Hill, MA

BCARS is honored to draw on its Expert Network as advisers, collaborators, and educators to better inform our research on the Arab Region. Their subject matter expertise spans the fields of human security, anthropology, conflict resolution, and humanitarian and refugee studies.

BCARS Institutions 

Host Institution

Northeastern University

Boston, MA

Founding Institutions

Cambridge, MA

Harvard University

Global Network Institutions

Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Brussels, Belgium

University of Kent
Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development
University of Jordan

Photo Credits: AUB Museum attribution: BlingBling10 at the English language Wikipedia (2007). El Gouna AUC attribution: Marc Ryckaert (MJJR) (2007). Boston College with Boston Skyline attribution: Harvey D. Egan (2006). Harvard University Massachusetts Hall attribution: Muns at (2005).

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