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Featured Media: Surviving and Thriving on the Margins: How Syrian Women and the Palestinian Minority in Israel Challenge Marginality 
event features remarks from Katty Alhayek's work on Syrian women in digital communities and Morad Elsana's work on the Palestinian minority in Israel and examines how these groups advocate for rights, create community, and build networks that support empowerment in spaces that challenge their social, political, and economic rights. Moderated by Valentine Moghadam and BCARS Director Denis Sullivan.
Recent BCARS Media 

Virtual Event: BCARS, with the support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, hosts four seasoned analysts, Michal Ben-Josef Hirsch, Jonathan Kuttab, Daniel Levy, and Rami Khouri, to discuss ideas to transcend Palestine-Israel failed non-diplomacy and ignite genuine peace negotiations. Moderated by BCARS Director, Denis Sullivan (September, 2021) 

BCARS Executive Committee Member Rami Khouri speaks with Aljazeera about inter-communal violence in Israel-Palestine.
BCARS Executive Committee Member Rami Khouri speaks with students, professors and guests at Emmanuel College's Institute of Eastern Mediterranean Studies in Boston, exploring the links among Sheikh Jarrah, Gaza, Tel Aviv and the legacy of the century-long confrontation between Zionism and Arabism. 
BCARS Executive Committee Member Rami Khouri speaks to CBC TV on "Canada Tonight" about the current events in Palestine-Israel
Virtual Event: "A Half Century of Protest and Repression in Turkey, 1970-2020." Presented by Northeastern University and the Boston Consortium for Arab Region Studies with support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. 

Virtual Event: BCARS Assistant Director, Allyson Hawkins and researcher Ruby Assad present their research on refugee integration at the Refugees in Towns Refugee Integration Conference. 

BCARS Executive Committee Member Rami Khouri speaks on Al Jazeera in the aftermath of the Beirut blast. 

Listen to the latest episodes of the BCARS podcast, "On the Move" here through SoundCloud! You can also listen to "On the Move" through Apple Podcasts. 

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