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On the Move Podcast

Welcome to On the Move, a podcast that explores the realities of migrants and refugees across the Middle East. On the Move is brought to you by BCARS, the Boston Consortium for Arab Region Studies.

Episode 5: Eroding Citizenship with Rami Khouri

In this episode of "On the Move," BCARS Director, Denis Sullivan speaks with internationally-syndicated columnist, Rami Khouri about his research on the concept of "eroding citizenship" in the Middle East. 

Episode 4: Permanently Temporary: Notions of Belonging and Identity of Migrants in the Gulf 

In this episode of "On the Move," the BCARS podcast, BCARS Director Denis Sullivan examines flexible and changing notions of citizenship, identity, and belonging alongside Nadia and Sumaya, second-generation immigrants in the Arab Gulf. 

Episode 3: Eastern Ghouta & Beyond

In this episode, BCARS Director, Denis Sullivan, discusses the recent carnage in Eastern Ghouta and Syria’s geopolitical past, present, and future with Adham Sahloul. Adham is a Master’s candidate at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, a former Research Associate at the Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Center, and previously served as an Advocacy Officer for the Syrian American Medical Society. This sweeping conversation explores the recent crisis in Eastern Ghouta, and looks beyond Syria to examine Europe’s reaction to the Syrian war, the role of various non-state actors in the conflict, and possible humanitarian and political action that could be taken to move forward.

Episode 2: Cairo's Refugees 

BCARS Director, Denis Sullivan shares insights from fieldwork conducted with refugees in Cairo. He is joined by BCARS Assistant Director for Policy & Practice, Dr. Amira Mohamed, and Assistant Director, Allyson Hawkins, who both discuss the context and challenges facing Cairo's refugees. 

Episode 1: Responsibility Sharing in the Euro-Mediterranean Space

BCARS Director, Denis Sullivan speaks with guests Amira Mohamed, Karen Abu Zayd, Susan Akram, and Fateh Azzam about the challenges posed by migration flows in the Euro-Mediterranean space and potential ways forward.

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