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BCARS Resources 

BCARS strives to make its research outputs and publications as accessible as possible. These include but are not limited to publications authored by members of the BCARS Directorship, Scholar Advisory Board, and Experts Network, our quarterly Bulletin exploring themes related to migration and refugee policy, and the BCARS podcast, "On the Move." 

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BCARS Reports

BCARS commissions academic and policy reports to share with our networks in an effort to influence policymaking and expand knowledge on the Arab Region around the world. Researched and published in collaboration with our partner institutions and Scholar Network these reports explore a variety of issues, from migration to human and civil rights.

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BCARS Bulletin

The Boston Consortium for Arab Region Studies (BCARS) is pleased to launch a series of bulletins covering essential themes relating to migration and refugee policy and research. Throughout 2017 and 2018, the series will shed light on migration-relevant issues such as the history of refugees, durable solutions, trafficking and smuggling, gender and migration, and humanitarian aid versus development. The bulletins will present data in a variety of formats, including briefing notes, podcasts, and dispatches authored by refugees and migrants. 


"On the Move" Podcast

On the Move is a podcast that explores the realities of migrants and refugees across the Middle East. The podcast regularly features guest speakers from the BCARS network to discuss XYZ. On the Move is brought to you by BCARS, the Boston Consortium for Arab Region Studies. Listen here on our website, or find us on iTunes or Soundcloud. 

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Members of the BCARS Directorship, Scholar Advisory Board, and Experts Network regularly author publications on a variety of Arab Region themes, including displacement and migration issues, citizenship rights in the Arab world, and human rights. 

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