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The Syrian crisis is dynamic and rapidly changing.

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29 February 2016

Featured The so-called ‘Islamic rape of Europe’ is part of a long and racist history By Ishaan Tharoor via The Washington Post Very few of the identified culprits in the Cologne attacks were themselves refugees. And countries like Poland and Hungary, while leading the conservative charge against E.U. policies that would allow in desperate Middle Eastern asylum seekers, still have minuscule Muslim populations of their own. The risk of a cultural invasion somehow contaminating their societies is, frankly, a phantasm conjured by fear-mongers. Arab Winter: Syrian Refugees in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley (Trailer) via VICE News VICE News returns to a refugee camp in the eastern Lebanese city of Al Marj

27 February 2016

Featured These striking family portraits show the lost members of Syrian refugee families By Annalisa Merelli via Quartz The series, commissioned as part of a fundraising campaign by CAFOD, the aid arm of the Catholic Church of England and Wales, was conceptualized by Mitidieri together with agency M&C Saatchi, London, to show the impact of war on individual families. It does so powerfully. The missing people in these images can’t be dismissed simply as “refugees:” They are fathers and mothers who will never see their kids again. They are children who will grow up as orphans, siblings who have been separated. "Syria Suffering" by Steve Sack Inside Syria Syrian rebels say reinforcements get f

25 February 2016

Inside Syria Fighting for Aleppo, Abandoned by the World By Abdallah Al-Othman, Political Chief of the Levant Front via Foreign Policy My Syrian rebel group is desperately waging war against the Islamic State and Bashar al-Assad. But America is letting the Russians bomb us. U.N. envoy wins Syria government green light for aid convoys: U.N. By Stephanie Nebehay via Reuters The Syrian government has approved access to seven besieged areas and U.N. convoys are expected to set off in days, the United Nations said on Tuesday after crisis talks in Damascus. Intervention to Assist Fleeing Syrians: Who, What, Where, Why, and How By Col. Nora Marcos via The Washington Institute Establishment of hu

16 February 2016

Breaking Update "Assad Geneva Talks" by Emad Hajjaj U.S., Russia and other powers agree on ‘cessation of hostilities’ in Syria By Karen DeYoung via The Washington Post The United States, Russia and other powers agreed to a “cessation of hostilities” in Syria’s civil war, to take place within the next week, and immediate humanitarian access to besieged areas, Secretary of State John F. Kerry announced here early Friday. And More... U.S. and Russia Announce Plan for Humanitarian Aid and a Cease-Fire in Syria By David E. Sanger via The New York Times If executed, the agreement, forged by the International Syria Support Group, would mark the first sustained and formally declared halt to fighting

3 February 2016

"No Way Out" by Luojie Featured Hidden child labour: how Syrian refugees in Turkey are supplying Europe with fast fashion By Frederik Johannisson via The Guardian Bathed in fluorescent lights, the basement room in an Istanbul suburb is completely white. Between mountains of white fabric, Shukri carries clothing to and from the sewing stations and packs white jumpers in boxes. He is clenching a pair of scissors between his teeth looking every bit the seasoned worker, although he is only 12 years old. Peacetalks "Syria Peace Talks" by Arend van Dam Stage is set for Syria peace talks as opposition arrives in Geneva By Stephanie Nebehay and Suleiman al-Khalidi via Reuters A delegation from Syria

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