20 April 2016

April 20, 2016

The US-Russia deal over Syria


 Latuff Zouz via Opermundi




Russia in Syria

by Sa'dollah Zarei of Kehran via Mid East Wire

Iranian newspaper discusses the Russian position in the future of the security and political process in Syria. Concerning Russian military intervention, there is a wide gap between what is said in all these analyses and what may probably happen.


Inside Syria


Syria's Kurds take control of oil fields, now what?

By Massoud Hamed via Al Monitor Syria Pulse

After Kurdish forces took control of parts of northeastern Syria, they have found themselves facing many challenges, including the management of their oil wells.


Nusra Front proclaims general mobilization after killing of an element by Ahrar ash-Sham

 via Al-Quds al-Arabi & Mid East Wire

“assassination of Abu Sakkar, one of the most prominent military men in An-Nusra Front, by elements affiliated with the Ahrar ash-Sham Movement in the city of Harem in Rif Adlib, had led to the eruption of fierce disputes between the Movement and the Front, but also within the Movement itself.”




 "After Spring" Trailer


Jon Stewart-Produced Film Gives Close-up to Syrian Refugees

By Ake Coyle via ABC News

Before the Syrian refugee crisis spilled across Europe, first-time feature filmmakers Ellen Martinez and Steph Ching were in Jordan's Zaatari Refugee Camp with their cameras.


Syrian Refugees Open Up To Minister About Their Struggles

via The Canadian Press & The Huffington Post

They might not yet be able to vote but that's not stopping Syrians from taking part in one element of Canadian political life — giving their MP an earful.


Hundreds feared dead in migrant shipwreck off Libya

By Patrick Kingsely via The Guardian

Up to 500 people may have drowned after overloaded boat sank in Mediterranean



Conflict Analysis


Fighting in Syria's Aleppo Forces Thousands to Flee

By Bassem Mroue via ABC News

Syrian troops exchanged fire with rebels in the contested northern city of Aleppo on Thursday in a renewed bout of fighting that could further mar peace talks underway in Geneva 


 Aleppo before and after


Syria’s peace talks and partial ceasefire are both breaking down

via The Economist

HOW long is a piece of string? That is about as good an answer as there is to the question of when the partial “cessation of hostilities” in Syria will be deemed to have been broken.



Proxy Politics


Russian Forces Remain Heavily Involved in Syria, Despite Appearances

By Neil McFarhquhar via The New York Times

Russia’s war in Syria is slowly fading from view here, even as events on the ground give every indication that Russian forces remain heavily engaged.


US should ditch 'plan B' for Syria

via Al Monitor

UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura says the fragile cessation of hostilities “continues to give hope” as Syrians anticipate the battle for Aleppo.


Iraq in Political Limbo After Stalled Reform Attempts

By Susannah Greene via ABC News

Backroom negotiations continued late into the night Saturday between Iraq's powerful political blocs after lawmakers attempting to oust speaker Selim al-Jabouri failed to maintain quorum.


In Libya, Islamic State struggles to gain support

By Aidan Lewis and Ahmed Elumani via Reuters Online 

Packed into a battered car, a family of nine joined the steady flow of residents fleeing Islamic State's Libyan stronghold of Sirte. They were heading to a nearby town to pick up essentials: cash, medicine and food.



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