15 March 2016

"Peace Talks" by Khalid Ahmed


Syria's besieged Darayya residents send "SOS" to world

via AlJazeera and Agencies

Women and children in rebel-held town outside Damascus stage rare protest, urging the UN to deliver humanitarian aid. The town remains blocked by President Bashar Al-Assad, as the cease-fire continues to hold.

How to Beat the Islamic State Through Non-Violence

By Raphael Mimoun and Srdja Popovic via Foreign Policy

Guns and bombs aren’t the only way to beat the jihadists.

Inside Syria

First Russian planes leave Syria after order to pull out, Moscow says

By Shaun Walker in Moscow and Patrick Wintour in Geneva via The Guardian

Deputy defence minister says remaining Russian planes to ‘continue carrying out strikes on terrorist facilities’

How brothers fighting for Syria were defeated by never-ending conflict

By Martin Chulov via The Guardian

Ten brothers in arms were once infamous among rebel groups in Aleppo. Now they’re diminished, scattered and losing hope.

Conflict Analysis

On fifth anniversary of revolution: Can Syria be divided in four?

By Al-Quds al-Arabi via MidEast Wire

On the fifth anniversary of the Syrian revolution, which erupted on March 15, 2011 from the southern city of Daraa. On this occasion, we will witness a new Geneva negotiations session between the political opposition and the regime once more.

Syrian government calls Bashar al-Assaid a "red-line" in peace talks.

By Nicole Slawson and agencies via The Guardian

Foreign minister says opposition must ‘abandon delusions’ of a Syria without Assad as president or talks will fail. (X)


"Kurdish refugee mothers arrive in Belgrade, Serbia" Credit: UNHCR

Refugee crisis: Balkan route 'permanently' shut

via AlJazeera and Agencies

Minister says refugees should not be fed false expectations, as thousands are stuck in squalid conditions in Greek camp.

A New Life in Europe:

The Dhnie Family

By Manveen Rana

via BBC Radio4

The Dhnie family are refugees in Jordan. In August, they decided there was no future for them in Jordan or Syria. They packed up and set off for the EU.

Podcast Series via BBC Radio4- available to stream or download.

Proxy Politics

The Obama Doctrine

By Jeffrey Goldberg via The Atlanic

The U.S. president talks through his hardest decisions about America’s role in the world.

Turkey-Syria business booms as conflict continues

By Laurence Lee via AlJazeera English

Business leaders credit border trade, now at prewar levels, with preventing humanitarian crisis from getting worse.

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