10 March 2016

"Refugees" by Simon Kneebone


Britain to pay £500 million under EU's grand migrant swap plan for Turkey

By Matthew Holehouse, Brussels, Peter Foster and Raziye Akkoc via The Telegraph

Thousands of Syrian refugees could be taken from Turkey and resettled in Europe, under "one-for-one" migrant swap deal, intended to end the deadly Aegean sea crossings and encourage refugees to stay in Turkish camps.

Inside Syria

US-led airstrikes hit Isis targets in Syria and Iraq as group reports civilian deaths

By Reuters via The Gaurdian

The ceasefire between rebel groups and Syria does not include Isis militants. The US and its allies struck 12 Islamic State targets in Iraq and two in Syria on Friday, human rights group reports civilians killed in ceasefire violations.

How Syrian cease-fire has reignited spark of the revolution

By Mohammed Al-Khatieb via AlMonitor

During the brittle cease-fire, protesters have returned to Syria's streets to assert that the revolution continues.

Daily life in Syria's largest city – in pictures

via The Gaurdian

Photographer Valery Sharifulin documents the everyday life of people who remain in Aleppo, five years after the country’s civil war began.


Other areas of conflict that are producing millions of refugees beyond the Levant include, Libya, Colombia, Nigeria and Somalia. (UNHCR)

Macedonia imposes new restrictions on the flow of refugees

Update by, The Associated Press, Greece via AlArabiya

A Balkan Route: The Macedonian officials said the restrictions imposed Sunday means that people from Aleppo in Syria, for example, can enter Macedonia from Greece, but those from the Syrian capital of Damascus or the Iraqi capital of Baghdad cannot.

Jordan test ground for an ambitious program to find jobs for 200,000 refugees

By The Associated Press via USNews & World Report

A new trade deal with Europe, a rush of foreign investment and ambitious public works are to put 200,000 Syrian refugees to work in Jordan in what the international community says is a precedent-setting new approach to the biggest displacement crisis in decades.

EU urges member states to take '6,000 refugees a month'

via AlJazeera and Agencies

EU calls states to take 6,000 refugees a month as thousands endure harsh conditions in camp on Greece's northern border.

Conflict Analysis

Syria civil war: Key powers 'consider federal division'

via AlJazeera & Reuters

UN envoy de Mistura says federalism would have to be discussed at Geneva talks, amid reports of push from major powers.

Syrian peace talks: release of political prisoners is next hurdle

By Patrick Wintour via The Guardian

The early release of thousands of political detainees is being seen as the next stumbling block to the Syrian peace talks, due to start in Geneva next Monday and lasting initially for two weeks.

Arab Diplomacy & Peace Process "Geneva's bazar started early on..."

By Al-Akhbar Lebanon via Mideastwire

Al-Akhbar of Lebanon reports that the “cessation of the hostilities” agreement constituted the last instance that highlighted the gap between the Higher Negotiation Committee and the armed groups affiliated to it on the one hand and the western supported and the general international tone on the other hand (including the UN bodies).

Proxy Politics

How Russia Saw the 'Red Line' Crisis

By Reese Erlich via Foreign Policy- War in Syria

Tehran says it backs the Syrian cease-fire — but only if it can still hammer “terrorists” the West sees as the valid opposition to Assad

Syrian Refugees In Canada: More Than 26,000 Resettled While US Lags

By Lydia Tomkiw Sigah via International Business Times

Since late 2015, Canada has warmly welcomed 26,166 Syrian refugees, and an additional 2,382 refugees have been approved to resettle in 260 communities across the country, while the U.S. has managed to resettle 955 refugees.

Germany's Refugee Crisis

by AlJazeera International

After welcoming one million refugees, attitudes across Germany are changing with confrontations and vitriol on the rise.

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