2 March 2016

"Syria Ceasefire" by Hassan Bleibel


Why the Arabs don’t want us in Syria

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. via Politico

They don’t hate ‘our freedoms.’ They hate that we’ve betrayed our ideals in their own countries — for oil.

Inside Syria

ISIS tightens grip on Syrian govt road to Aleppo

By Reuters via The Daily Star Lebanon

ISIS fighters were reported to have tightened their grip on a Syrian government supply route to Aleppo Tuesday as the army battled to retake the road, which is important to its campaign to retake the city.

Two Potential Safe Zones in Northern Syria

By Fabrice Balanche via The Washington Institute

Both Idlib province and eastern Aleppo province have been relatively spared from the fighting, and their rural communities remain strong.

Refugees in the West

"Daily Quota Europe Refugees" by Petar Pismestrovic

Greek police remove people from border with Macedonia

By Helena Smith via Reuters

Operation follows Macedonia’s decision to close frontier, leaving thousands of migrants and refugees stranded in Greece

Why Venmo And PayPal Are Blocking Donations To Syrian Refugees

By Katie Notopoulos via Buzzfeed News

U.S. laws cause frustration for people trying to use payment apps to fundraise for humanitarian aid.

Migrants find doors slamming shut across Europe

By Anthony Faiola via The Washington Post

Nations along Europe’s refugee route are taking the boldest steps yet to clamp down on migrant flows, trapping thousands of asylum seekers and potentially blocking countless war-weary families from finding sanctuary in the West.

Proxy Politics

Experts fear US abandoning Syrian rebels

By Kristina Wong via The Hill

The Obama administration is allowing moderate Syrian rebels, which the U.S. spent hundreds of millions training and equipping, to be slowly destroyed, experts warn.

Here are America's five best options for Syria. They're all terrible.

By Daniel Byman via Vox

Here, then, are five options for how the US could address the Syrian conflict. None of them are good options, but we still have to pick one, so we should try to pick the least bad one.

America Is In A Proxy War With Itself In Syria

By Mike Giglio via Buzzfeed News

Confusion in the Obama administration’s Syria policy is playing out on the ground as U.S.-backed groups begin battling each other.

Kerry says he won't vouch for success of Syria cease-fire

By Richard Lardner of Associated Press via Yahoo News

"Kerry Plans for Failure" by Drybones

Secretary of State John Kerry told lawmakers he won't vouch for the success of the newly struck cease-fire agreement in Syria but said the truce negotiated with Russia is the best pathway for ending five years of violence that has killed more than 250,000 people and displaced another 11 million from their homes.

Kerry: Syria Political Transition Could Begin Within ‘Months’

By Erin Banco via International Business Times

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday that a political transition in Syria could take place within the next few months if the proposed ceasefire holds and all parties agree to come to the negotiating table. The statement in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing was the first from the secretary that indicated a set timeline for a ceasefire and the potential ousting of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

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